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After our analysis and workshop you will understand your team members better and address them more individually.

Valuable potential is lost because companies are unable to engage their employees sustainably.

The Gallup Engagement Index states that over 70% of all employees are not or only little committed to their employer. At the same time, it has been proven that dedicated teams are more than 50% more committed.

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The Joineer Team Analysis evaluates the dimensions of team type, behaviour and working style as well as the ability to listen and apply. The information collected from personal and external perspectives enables managers to lead and engage each team member individually. Employees are sensitised to the strengths and weaknesses of their colleagues and learn which work style is preferred by which person. This promotes an open communication culture and efficient teamwork.



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Fill in self-assessment questions


External evaluation

Submit an external assessment of three team mates



Viewing results and discussing them at the workshop

Simple self &
external assessment

In the self-assessment different questions are asked, how one sees oneself in the work everyday life. A number of similar items are answered by three people from the immediate work environment and relate to the person. The internal and external view can be used to evaluate to what extent one’s own assessment corresponds to the perception of the team.

Versatile and meaningful

We work with two validated behavioural dimensions and four team types: this helps Joineer to recognise based on evidence that every person is different and has strengths, needs and expectations to respect. However, it is not the goal to divide people into grids – on the contrary: team analysis helps to develop a culture at all levels of the company that can be described with tolerance and openness.

Interactive Workshop

In an accompanied workshop, the participants learn how they assess themselves and how they are perceived by their colleagues in everyday working life. The aim is to raise awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the team types and to anchor these experiences in the long term. The professional support helps to show different perceptions and to address potential points of conflict at an early stage. This helps to establish a learning and agile organization that can tackle today’s problems and change processes.

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