Soft Skill Evaluation For Recruiters

Enrich your candidates dossiers with our automatically created soft skills profiles. No registration needed by the candidates. Scientifically proven. The new recruiter PRO starting from CHF 25 per evaluation.

Applications including the Joineer soft skill analysis get a +26% higher response rate.

Mario Trusgnach, CEO Persona Service GmbH Schweiz

The competitive advantage for…

…your candidates

Enrich your candidates profiles and give them a higher visibility and better response rate. In the end the match-deciding factor most often is not the educational and professional background, it’s the cultural fit. Something that’s often completely left out in the dossier.

…your customers

Well balanced teams have fewer sick days, higher productivity, better customer satisfaction and the best retention. Help your customers hire the right employee for the right team in the first go. We saw customers replacing half a day of soft factor assessment with the Joineer analysis recruiter PRO.

…your recruiting agency

Set your yourself apart with outstanding candidate dossiers. Get an in-depth analysis of your candidates with one click and add it to your candidates dossier. Position your brand by customizing the reports with your color and logo. Take this competitive advantage and be ahead of your competitors.

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How does it work?



Simply add your candidates name and e-mail.



The candidate receives a direct link to the survey. The survey takes only 10 minutes.


Add dossier

You receive a one page PDF report that you can add to the candidates dossier.



Enable the applicant to stand out from the rest.

Preferred working style

15 questions developed with our psychological advisory board.

Concept of behavioural styles

30 questions based on the research of Dr. Roland Henssler.


6 questions based on the motivation of an applicant.

Did you invent
all of this?

No, not at all. The survey and questions are based on the research of ETH Zurich and Dr. Roland Henssler. In fact we digitalised his method that he used for over 30 years on many C-level executive floors of major corporations. Through our technology we make these insights accessible to everyone. The 10 minute survey covers the following three dimensions:

⬤ Motivation

⬤ Preferred working style

⬤ Concept of behavioural styles

A no-brainer!

No running costs. You only pay for invited candidates. No usage = no costs.

1- 19 candidates/month

CHF 37.-

Per analysis

20-99 candidates/month

CHF 29.-

Per analysis

100 + candidates/month

CHF 25.-

Per analysis
I want to test without any obligations


I really care about data confidentiality. What does Joineer do to always keep the data protected?

The collected data is always safe and stored in switzerland. One of our main promises is to keep your data anonymous and secure during the whole process, which is only possible with a cutting-edge security system. We store all our data on high security servers in Switzerland. The requirements of the EU standards for data protection are taken into account. It thus can be guaranteed that no survey is accessible if a candidate is not consent. A constant exchange with the responsible swiss data protection officer ensures additional security.

We would like to test it first without customers to see whether it works, is that possible?

Yes, of course. You can test the system with your employees, friends or family first to see whether it works and if the results are representative. We especially propose you to try it out with people you know personally so that you can assess the results better.

Can we combine the Recruiter Tool with the Joineer Teamanalysis?

Yes, we even suggest you do this. Since both tools use the concept of behavioural styles of Dr. Roland Henssler. The advantage of combining both is that you already know how the different behavioural styles are in your team. So if you search for a new employee you can additionally explicitly search for someone with the right soft skill set. Like that you have another layer to find the perfect team member to unleash the productivity.

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