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At Joineer we are building digital tools, which enable organisations to create a culture where every employee is able to contribute their full potential. Why? We believe that the biggest efficiency gain of most companies lies in the resources they already have – employees. By engaging and really listening to them this potential can be unleashed. 

Our methodologies and tools


Fun, easy and engaging employee surveys.

Team analysis

Create awareness for different characteristics within your team.


Enrich your candidates dossiers with our soft skills profiles.

Improve your company culture with Joineer

Joineer supports you with the digital tools you need to reach new levels of collaboration in your company

Fokus on soft-skills

Get a deeper understanding of your employees abilities & characteristics – also in the hiring process

Learn about personalities

See how your team members differentiate from each other and learn how the collaboration can be improved

Feel the pulse

Get real time feedforward to continuously enhance the collaboration within teams and the whole company

Become a better employer

Use our systems to improve the employee experience and actively work on your employer brand

What our happy customers think

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<h1>Softskills auf den Punkt gebracht</h1> <h2 style="text-align: center;">Jetzt Softskill-Analyse ausfüllen &amp; testen 🚀</h2> Mario Trusgnach, CEO Persona Service GmbH Schweiz <p style="text-align: center;">Muster Verbindlicher</p> <p…
12. Oktober 2020


Aus dem Nähkästchen Weihnachten steht schon wieder vor der Tür. Somit geht ein intensives Jahr dem Ende zu. Während in vielen Betrieben bereits seit einigen…
18. Dezember 2018

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A tool for every need

Get valuable insights with our HR-software


Feel the pulse of your workforce – effortless. With our puls-like employee survey app you gain useful realtime insights. The Teambarometer dashboard helps you to understand the developments over time on all company levels easily.

→ Fun and engaging employee survey 

Team analysis

The team analysis reveals characteristics and personalities traits of every team member and helps you to understand what drives your colleagues. Better communication, team spirit and solidarity are the results our customers love.

→ Get to know your team 


Are you a recruiter or headhunter? Set yourself apart with outstanding candidate dossiers! With recruiter, we created a straightforward tool to focus on the most important factors: the spirit and characteristics of a potential new employee.

→ Enrich your candidates profile

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